The Grounds of our Lodging in North Conway New Hampshire

We're open all year, allowing you to take advantage of the best of any season. Although we're certain you'll be impressed with the quality of the rooms at the inn, we're even more certain you'll be impressed with what's outside. The photos below are both from the grounds of the inn and offer a hint of the beauty that not only surrounds North Conway, but surrounds the very Inn itself.

The Garden

 This is a small corner of our garden, which is currently home to a small family of friendly chipmunks who LOVE walnuts. In other corners of the grounds, we also have abundant gardens whose produce will certainly be on your plate some morning, and an in ground pool.


  The Moat Range at Dusk

This is the view across the valley most nights, with the sun setting behind the Moat Range. Although this is during the winter, summer sunsets are no less spectacular at our lodging in North Conway New Hampshire. Just to the right of this photograph is Cathedral Ledge, which is a ten minute drive from town to the top of the ledge overlooking our valley (and our Inn!). If you want scenery, we've got variety for you.